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'Expert in suffering': Pontiff pays tribute to heritage of Armenian Catholics (Vatican Press Office)

Pope Francis has written a letter granting eccesial communion to the new Armenian Catholic Patriarch, Raphaël Bedros XXI Minassian, 74.

Referring to the deadlock that led to papal intervention as provided by Church law, Pope Francis wrote that “the bishops gathered first in Lebanon, at the beginning of the summer, and in these days in Rome, at the Pontifical Armenian College.” The Pontiff then paid tribute to the heritage of the Armenian Catholic Church (CNEWA profile), “fully integrated in the affairs of the Armenian people, preserving their memory and traditions, and at the same time deeply linked to the Successor of the Apostle Peter.”

US House, in 218-211 vote, approves sweeping abortion bill (Reuters)

The House of Representatives has approved the Women’s Health Protection Act, H.R. 3755, in a 218-211 party-line vote. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City (KS), chairman of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, lamented the passage for the legislation, which proceeds to the Senate (S.1975).

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has described the legislation as “the most radical abortion bill of all time” and has urged the faithful to take action against the measure.

Vatican 'foreign minister' calls for clean energy for all (Vatican Press Office)

Addressing a high-level UN meeting on energy, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher called for access to electricity for the 759 million people who lack it.

“Instilling respect for local cultures and ensuring that they are able to manage and maintain their own energy resources, in line with the principle of subsidiarity, are vital and will prevent exploitative dependencies on large energy networks and bureaucracies,” said the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States. “As we collectively strive to ensure energy access for all, we must take into account the resulting impact on the environment. . . . The transition to accessible and clean energy is a duty that we owe to millions of our brothers and sisters around the world.”

Canadian bishops issue 'unequivocal' apology for abuse at residential schools (CCCB)

“We acknowledge the grave abuses that were committed by some members of our Catholic community; physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and sexual,” Canada’s bishops said in their September 24 apology to Canada’s indigenous peoples.

“We also sorrowfully acknowledge the historical and ongoing trauma and the legacy of suffering and challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples that continue to this day,” the bishops continued. “Along with those Catholic entities which were directly involved in the operation of the schools and which have already offered their own heartfelt apologies, we, the Catholic Bishops of Canada, express our profound remorse and apologize unequivocally.”

Papal encouragement to Focolare bishops in their work of fostering unity (Vatican Press Office)

On September 25, Pope Francis addressed bishops associated with the Focolare Movement, which was founded during World War II by the Servant of God Chiara Lubich (1920-2008).

Cardinal Burke provides update on his recovery from Covid (National Catholic Register)

“My principal challenges, at the present, are regaining certain fundamental physical skills needed for my daily living, and overcoming a general fatigue and difficulty in breathing, which are typical for those who have suffered the contagion of the Covid-19 virus,” said the prelate, who is living at a house near family members.

Priest describes plight of Syrian Christians in Aleppo (Aid to the Church in Need)

A decade after beginning of the Syrian civil war, Father Hugo Alaniz, an Argentine missionary, said that many Syrian Christians are living at a subsistence level and that Islamist rebels continue to persecute Christians in parts of northern Syria.

Italian priest slain by Nazis is beatified (Bologna Today (Italian))

Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, presided at the beatification of Blessed Giovanni Fornasini (1915-1944) in Bologna.

“A parish priest zealous in charity, he did not abandon his flock during the tragic period of the Second World War, but rather he defended it to the point of bloodshed,” Pope Francis said. “May his heroic witness help us to face life’s trials with fortitude.”

Papal prayers for residents of La Palma island after volcanic eruption (Vatican News)

The Cumbre Vieja volcano has erupted on La Palma, the westernmost of the Canary Islands.

Be 'welcoming towards others and vigilant over ourselves,' Pope tells pilgrims (Vatican Press Office)

On September 26, the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Pope Francis devoted his Angelus address to the Gospel reading of the day (from Mark 9).

“Jesus’ words reveal a temptation, and offer an exhortation,” the Pope said. “The temptation is that of closedness. . . . And then in the Gospel there is Jesus’ exhortation: instead of judging everything and everyone, let us beware be careful of ourselves! Indeed, the risk is that of being inflexible towards others and indulgent towards ourselves.”