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Pope calls on Church in Argentina to promote social friendship (Vatican News)

Pope Francis made his remarks in a Spanish-language message (video).

Malaysian bishops decry violence against women and children (Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur)

Islam is the official religion of the Southeast Asian nation (map). 56% of its 32.2 million people are Muslim, 9% are Christian, 6% are Buddhist, and 5% are Hindu, with 18% adhering to Chinese folk religions and 3% to ethnic religions.

French bishops welcome 'realistic' new measures for public Masses (CNA)

The bishops issued their statement after the top French court blocked a 30-person limit on religious worship.

Pope greets ten new ambassadors to Holy See (Vatican News)

Greeting a group of ten new ambassadors to the Holy See, Pope Francis remarked that “our increasingly globalized world urgently demands sincere and respectful dialogue and cooperation.” The new ambassadors are from Denmark, Estonia, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mauritania, Rwanda, Uzbekistan, and Zambia.

Archbishop debunks report of Benedict's voice loss (CNA)

Archbishop Georg Ganswein has denied reports, circulating in some Italian media outlets, the Pope-emeritus Benedict has lost the use of his voice. The former Pope’s voice is “very weak and thin,” his longtime secretary reported, but he remains able to speak clearly. Pope Benedict, who is 93, now suffers from facial shingles: a malady that is painful but not dangerous.

Vatican publishes guidance for bishops on ecumenism (Vatican News)

The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity has released a new document, offering guidance for bishops on ecumenical work. The vademecum first sets out the requirements for ecumenical work, then explores the practical avenues for that work, including theological dialogue and shared witness.

Archbishop Chaput rebukes Cardinal Gregory on Communion for Biden (First Things)

“When bishops publicly announce their willingness to give Communion to Mr. Biden, without clearly teaching the gravity of his facilitating the evil of abortion… they do a serious disservice to their brother bishops and their people,” writes Archbishop Charles Chaput in First Things. The retired Archbishop of Philadelphia does not name names, but Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Philadelphia has announced that he will give Communion to Biden.

Australian court refuses to dismiss charges against reporters in Pell case (AP)

An Australian judge has rejected a bid by reporters to dismiss criminal charges against them for violating a gag order on the trial of Cardinal George Pell in 2018. The reporters face contempt-of-court charges for publishing stories on the verdict in the cardinal’s trial.

Supreme Court orders reconsideration of California ban on indoor religious services (AP)

The US Supreme Court has ordered a federal court in California to reconsider the state’s emergency regulations that bar indoor worship services, in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling blocking enforcement of similar restrictions in New York.

Most Americans oppose special treatment for churches in Covid lockdown (Pew Forum)

Nearly four of five Americans think that houses of worship should abide by the same Covid restrictions, according to a new Pew survey; only 19% of respondents said that churches should be granted greater freedom. Most of those polled said that their own churches are now open, with special measures in place. But 23% of Catholics said their churches were still closed. Respondents were roughly twice as likely (63-32%) to have watched services online as to have attended in person.