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Leading Bolivian bishop warns: without human rights, democracy becomes totalitarian (Fides)

Socialist Evo Morales has been president of Bolivia since 2006. Pope Francis made an apostolic journey to Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay in 2015.

EEOC backs Pentecostal restaurant employee who wished to wear skirt (Equal Opportunity Employment Commission)

When the employee learned that the Mississippi restaurant “required servers to wear blue jean pants,” the plaintiff “notified the manager of her Apostolic Pentecostal religious belief that women should wear only skirts or dresses and asked to be allowed to wear a blue jean skirt”—an accommodation the restaurant denied.

Tribal Christians molested, raped in Bangladesh (AsiaNews)

The South Asian nation of 158 million is 89% Muslim and 10% Hindu; Islam is the nation’s official religion. Pope Francis made an apostolic journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh in 2017.

Episcopal Church: Albany bishop vows there will be no same-sex marriage liturgies in his diocese (Episcopal Diocese of Albany)

“While I don’t question the sincerity or the well intentions of many in the Episcopal Church who believe the best way to love and minister to our Gay and Lesbian Brothers and Sisters in Christ is to embrace them in their sexuality and make provisions for their same-sex attractions through same-sex marriage rites, I do believe they have been deceived into believing a lie that has been planted in the Church by the ‘great deceiver’—Satan,” the Rt. Rev. William Love wrote.

Intervene firmly against witchcraft, magic, and superstition, Vatican cardinal tells Angolan bishops (Fides)

The southern African nation of 29 million is 41% Catholic and 38% Protestant. Pope Benedict XVI made an apostolic journey to Cameroon and Angola in 2009.

Pope institutes peace studies program at Pontifical Lateran University (Vatican Press Office)

In a message to the university’s rector, the Pope placed the program “under the protection of my two predecessors, Saints John XXIII and Paul VI, true heralds of peace in the world and who have contributed greatly to the development of the magisterium in this field, this new fruit of the solicitude of the Church, entrusting it to Mary Queen of Peace.”

A bishop should be a humble and meek servant, not a prince, Pope preaches at weekday Mass (Vatican News)

On November 12, Pope Francis preached on Titus 1:1-9, the first reading of the day.

Proclaim Christ, heed the Pope as you pursue reform, nuncio tells US bishops (USCCB)

“My brothers, we cannot run from the challenges that presently confront us,” Archbishop Christophe Pierre told the US bishops at their fall meeting. “We must face them realistically and courageously, listening with open hearts to the voice of Christ and his Vicar on earth.”

To exempt ourselves from 'zero tolerance' is 'unacceptable and cannot stand,' Cardinal DiNardo tells brother bishops (USCCB)

The president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops delivered his address after receiving word that the Vatican asked the US bishops to table two key votes in response to the abuse scandal.

Pope thanks Bose monks for 'fruitful presence' in Church and society (Vatican News)

The Bose Monastic Community is an Italian ecumenical monastery founded in 1965 by Enzo Bianchi, a Catholic layman.