Wisdom People

St. Daniel Wisdom People

Wisdom People is St. Daniel's Senior Citizens group (President – John L. Denega, 432-1005). All seniors are welcome to join. Dues are $5.00 yearly.


Upcoming Events:

Wisdom People Meeting

The next Wisdom People meeting will be Friday, February 5th, 2016 in St. Daniel Gym following the 12:10 Mass. After 12:10 Mass there will be a luncheon for $2 and the program will be Dennis McGuire, The One Man Band. (Please note, no one will be allowed in the building until 12:00 Noon.). Please call Angela Murphy at 455-5042 by Friday, January 29th for reservations.




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2015 Officers

President: John L. Denega

Vice President: Betti Picciotto

Secretary: Antoinette Perrotta

Treasurer: Marie Bergemann

Hospitality Chairperson: Angela Murphy

Membership Chairpeople: Louise Epolito and Margie Mevec

Sunshine Chairperson: Helen Lynch