Every Child is a Blessing Beginning in the Womb

New research is shedding light on ways pregnancy is a benefit to women. A prebom child is not a burden to a
woman’s body, but a synergetic blessing.

Studies show pregnancy changes the structure of the brain and increases efficiency, resiliency, motivation and
emotional intelligence. Pregnant women have sharper “visual acuity” and an enhanced sense of smell. During
pregnancy, symptoms of some diseases drop significantly Pregnancy provides moisturizer for dry skin and
thickens thin hair. The brain changes of pregnancy boost motivation, fearlessness, coping with stress, increased
abilities for unconditional love and the ability to multitask. Maternity can increase maturity and the ability to be
more giving to others and less self-absorbed. New research is indicating oxytocin, a hormone important to labor
and breastfeeding, improves the mother’s capacity for learning, memory and sociability, while promoting
relaxation. Many women say pregnancy is the calmest and healthiest time of their lives.

The chemical conversation started in the womb does not end
with pregnancy but extends for a lifetime. Beneficial cells pass
from baby to mother during pregnancy to help heal her for the
rest of her life. This marvel is called microchimerism.
Scientists are discovering many therapeutic effects of these
fetal cells that become part of the heart, the brain, kidney liver,
bone marrow, and the blood of the mother. It is believed they
can increase a mother’s defenses against infection, some
cancers and cause increased resistance to certain diseases. Fetal
cells form new blood vessels to heal wounds, are often present
at sites of maternal injury and function as stem cells converting
themselves into new tissue to improve her survival. They are
associated with substantially improved longevity ‘and lower
risks of Alzheimers disease. They help recover tissue in case of
a heart attack and have been known to repair Parkinsons
Disease. The more fetal cells left in a woman’s body, the less
prone she is to have multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Women with more children tend to have fewer allergies
compared to those who don’t.

Babies are good for us and many babies are even better. They
repair and rejuvenate a mother’s body especially when she is
seriously sick. Women have always felt intuitively connected
with their children, now we know this is a physical reality as
the cells of our children stay with us forever.

Jeannie M. Hannernann, Co-Founder of Elizabeth Ministry International